About Our Foundation

Our Goals

It is our hope that by sharing Brenda's story we might prevent another individual from experiencing her fate.  We would like to raise awareness about this issue in our community as well as provide information and resources to those who may need it.  Perhaps in this endeavour, we can encourage those individuals affected by domestic violence to seek out help and support before it's too late.  Domestic abuse is not simply a physical issue, as abuse comes in all forms.  Sometimes the wounds that are not visible are the most difficult to heal.  Proceeds from our events will go toward assisting local organizations which provide aide to victims and survivors of domestic violence.  A scholarship is also being developed in Brenda's name to help further the education of a local individual who may need help starting over as a result of it's effect on their life.  We are dedicated to helping those who can't or are afraid to speak up for themselves.  Don't be silent,  speak up and B.E. Strong.
B.E. Strong is a group started in honor of a wonderful friend, mentor, colleague and family member by the name of Brenda Echelbarger.  On January 15th, 2015 Brenda was shot and killed by her husband as a result of a domestic dispute.  Brenda worked as an RN at MidMichigan Medical Center-Gratiot in Alma for 19 years.  She was a knowledgable, compassionate caregiver and an inspiration to her colleagues.  Over the years she has touched the lives of many in the Central Michigan area.  It was the loss of Brenda which inspired us, as her friends and loved ones, to create a group geared toward bringing awareness of domestic violence to our community and providing necessary information to those in need.